The Durand Biker Bash and Chili Shoot-Out is an annual event that is held on the square of downtown Durand, IL. The event was created, and is held in an effort to raise funds and awareness for Juvenile Diabetes Research. This event takes a village of volunteers to make it a huge success. This year, the baton has been passed down to a new generation of people from the community to step-up and help us raise money for the JDRF and showcase the town that y'all are so proud of. 
13th Annual Durand Biker Bash & Chili Shootout
                      Saturday, September 12th, 2015!! 11am-8pm

The 13th Durand Annual Biker Bash &
Chili Shoot-Out is scheduled for Sept 12th
11 am - 8 pm


Allow Allow us to introduce you to
Princess Aaliyah

Aaliyah is 6 years old and from the Davis area. Aaliyah has been diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. She is insulin dependent.

Her mother, Ashley, was not aware when her symptoms began, that she was dealing with such an ugly monster that would forever impact Aaliayh’s life. Mom stated Aaliayah’s symptoms began when she first began school, she just assumed it was all of the excitement and anxiety of school. She stated Aaliyah was constantly thirsty, hungry, tired and began wetting the bed. One evening, Aaliyah began vomiting. The next day, after taking her to the Dr., they were not expecting the diagnosis they received. Aaliyah had Juvenile Diabetes.

What does that mean for Aaliyah? There are days she cannot attend school because there is no nurse at school on some days. It means mom has to check on her several times during the night. Testing is done on a continuous basis. Aalyiah cannot attend field trips with school unless mom or a nurse is on the trip. Aaliyah has been known to have seizures when her levels drop too low, thus an entirely different level of concern is added.

Aaliyah is not able to live life as a normal child. Her life is a constant battle of the right foods, medications, and continual monitoring. This isn’t fair. She should be a carefree 6 year-old, and she isn’t. She has to worry with things she shouldn’t even know about. She is a sweet child, who should have to only worry with which doll she wants to play with, or which dress she wants to wear today; not if she is going to have a reaction today. She can’t have the simple pleasures most children enjoy; candy, ice cream, and other sweets.

Join the fight to find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes; to find help, and hope for Aaliyah; and other children just like her.